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1321A OHIO

$800 - $2100 / week

The exterior of this home includes a front porch, patio, and patio set to seat 6, gas grill, private outside shower with hot and cold running water, and 1 car parking space on the conveniently located parking pad.


The master bedroom includes a queen sized bed and private 1/2 bathroom, while the second bedroom has two full sized beds and a closet stocked with books and toys for the kids!

The kitchen includes a full-size fridge, oven/stove, microwave, and dishwasher. Stocked in the drawers and cabinets are dinnerware, grill supplies, children's plates, cups, utensils, and cooking supplies to prepare a fantastic meal! At the center island, there is seating for 6. 

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1321A OHIO front.jpg
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1321A Ohio-16
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1321A Ohio-17
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1321A Ohio-22

Love it?


We will need to know the property you are interested in, and the week(s) you'd like. If we have availability and are able to accommodate you, we will need your name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and a four-digit code of your choosing for the lockbox. We will then send you a lease agreement, (e-mail or snail-mail, your choice!) with that information, and ask you to return a signed copy of the lease along with a check for the first payment. We will sign, scan, and email back one fully-executed copy of the lease as a receipt for payment, so we both have copies of the lease agreement. The four-digit code is for us to program the lockbox for your property - we change the codes every week so that your key is only available to you with your code.



1116 OHIO






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